Case Study: NovaHR

In today’s connected world, almost every business has IT needs, like secure email for internal and external communication and a professional website so potential customers and clients can find you. But many small and medium-sized businesses may not find it cost-effective to hire their own, full-time IT staff.

That’s where Visibil.IT can help. We create complete IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We use our expertise to select cutting-edge products and vendors that will keep your business up-to-date, and we provide the traditional core services like email and websites that all businesses need.

Let’s take a look at one of the businesses we currently support so you can get a better idea of what Visibil.IT can do for you.


NovaHR Business Profile

NovaHR is an Alabama-based consulting firm that provides human resources support and advice for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have their own full-time HR professional on staff. In other words, they’re not that different from us, except they provide HR services instead of IT!

NovaHR provides a wide range of services, all specifically tailored to clients’ needs. These services include handling recruitment, improving hiring practices, developing orientation and training programs, and consulting on discipline and termination practices to decrease the risk of legal actions.

The owner of NovaHR, Laurie Halvorson, first started her consulting business in 2001, then spent eight years working full-time for another company before going back into business for herself in 2017. Her new business needed email and a website, so she turned to Visibil.IT.


Getting Started with Visibil.IT

For many business owners, the process of setting up things like email and a website can be stressful and consume valuable working hours that could be spent in more profitable ways. According to Laurie Halvorson, working with Visibil.IT made her part of the job much easier, which meant less time taken away from running her business.

On setting up her email and website, Halvorson says that Visibil.IT “handled pretty much everything. I just sent my logo and a description of services, and they did the rest.” She appreciated that the site was up and running in less than a week, with no other input or decision-making required on her end.

NovaHR’s website includes descriptions of the services they provide, as well as a contact form that allows potential clients to quickly and easily get in touch with them. In fact, the website has been so effective at connecting her with clients, Halvorson says that she hasn’t had to do any other advertising!


Improving the Wi-fi Network

One technical problem that Halvorson encountered as her business got up and running was insufficient wi-fi coverage that limited where and when she could get work done. She asked Visibil.IT what we could do about that, and we suggested a mesh wi-fi network.

A mesh wi-fi network uses multiple routers, called nodes, to provide consistent wi-fi coverage throughout a large space, like an office building or a large house. For many businesses, a mesh network can really help with meeting today’s wireless needs. The Eero system that we prefer works with an app that allows you to easily monitor the network from your smartphone.

According to Halvorson, once she decided that she wanted to try the mesh wi-fi network, Visibil.IT handled everything else. Describing the process, she said, “It was so easy. They purchased the equipment, programmed it for me, and made sure all my devices were connected to it.”

She appreciated how quickly the work was done as well, noting that the entire network was installed in less than a day.

Halvorson likes the mesh wi-fi network because it allows her to work from anywhere. According to her, that flexibility “benefits me personally, which benefits my business.”


Trusted Service, Ongoing Support

When asked why she initially chose Visibil.IT to provide the IT services she needed, Halvorson said, “I have worked with the owner, David before and trust his work.” 

Halvorson also reports being very satisfied with the support she’s received from Visibil.IT since the initial set-up and installation. She likes that she can easily get in touch by phone call, email, or text and that there is a quick response to all of her questions.

Overall, Halvorson describes her experience of working with Visibil.IT as fast, easy, and providing significant benefits to her business. We’re glad we could help!