Digital Signage Advances Education

In all levels of education today, from pre-school to K-12 and through higher education, digital signage plays a vital role in communicating with students and parents as well as faculty and staff. Display.Works offers a cost-conscious way for educational institutions to take advantage of the benefits of digital signage without busting their budgets.

Let’s take a look at why digital signage is particularly beneficial in the education environment and some of the ways that schools are using digital signs today.


Digital Information for Digital Natives

Today’s students, from pre-K through college, are digital natives. This means that the vast majority of them have been using technology since early childhood. For instance, a Pew Research study found that 93 percent of K-12 school children own a laptop and 78 percent use social networking sites.

For Generation Z, digital content is an everyday part of their world. And as many parents and teachers already know, it can be difficult to get them to pay attention to anything that isn’t on a screen!

This is why digital signage is particularly important and impactful in today’s schools. Digital signs grab students’ attention in a way that posters, fliers and other traditional media simply can’t. If you want students to notice announcements about upcoming events, tomorrow’s lunch menu or reminders about the dress code, you need a digital sign.


Spread Information Quickly and Cheaply

Another major advantage of digital signage in an educational environment is that it allows information to be spread throughout a school or campus quickly and inexpensively. The Display.Works device on each digital sign links that sign to a website that you have selected. So, if you have five signs all linked to one website, all you have to do is update the information on that website once and the information will be displayed on all five signs.

Think of all the time and money that will save compared to printing dozens of fliers and spending time posting them all over the school and later taking them down! If you have us link your Display.Works devices to a website capable of supporting a slideshow, you can use each sign to display multiple screens of information, which can be easily added to, edited or deleted when no longer needed.


Keep Faculty and Staff Up to Date

 In addition to communicating with students and parents, digital signage can be very helpful for keeping faculty and staff informed and up-to-date. These audiences can be targeted by placing signs in areas such as teachers’ lounges, staff break rooms, the mailroom and administrative offices.

You’d simply need to have the Display.Works devices for these signs linked to a separate website, one specifically for faculty and staff. Then whenever you need to send information specifically to your employees, you can just update the faculty and staff website.

Again, this allows you to spread information quickly and easily—and even reach those faculty members who never check their emails!


How Are Schools Using Digital Signage?

Digital signage has a wide variety of uses in educational settings. Some are more obvious than others.

First, you can use digital signs to make announcements about upcoming events. These visual reminders can help reinforce reminders given in the classroom. Whether it’s Field Day or Prom, digital signs can help students remember when and where important things are happening, as well as what preparations they need to make.

Another common way that digital signs are used in K-12 schools is to display lunch menus and nutrition information. This can help students make healthy choices about their diet or avoid known allergans.

 Digital signs can also be useful for giving directions. Need to help those incoming freshmen figure out where their classes are? You could post a map of the school on the digital signs in your hallways for the first week.

Another use for digital signs is displaying videos. Display.Works can stream video from your linked website. If you want to show highlights from the weekend’s football game or speeches from student government candidates, digital signage can do that too.

Displaying student work is an important practice that’s emphasized a lot today. A digital sign linked to a slideshow of student work can be a great way to give students a feeling of pride and ownership in their school. And it looks good when prospective parents or district administrators come to check out your school!

Speaking of prospective parents and district administrators, digital signage can improve your school’s image overall. Good-looking, current digital signs relay that your school is forward-thinking and up-to-date with the latest technology.

Finally, digital signage can be used to communicate effectively with faculty and staff. It can be used to display reminders about faculty meetings, data about student test scores, duty assignments and more. It’s a great way to make sure this information gets to the people who need it without having to announce it publicly over an outdated PA system!

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