What is it?

Display.Works is a small computer that is mounted behind a customer provided TV with a HDMI input. Once connected to the internet via the ethernet port, it start displaying the webpage of your choice. This could be a menu for a restaurant, a house listing for a real estate company, or an important metric that your business needs to monitor.  

How does it work?

Once connected to the internet, the Display.Works device will connect to the Display.Works server and retrieve the customer preferences and display the selected web content. Display.Works, by default, will refresh the content once very 24 hours, but will refresh based on customer preferences.

Can I show videos?

Sure, we've found that full screen video at a resolution of 720p plays smoothly. Keep in mind, your internet connection must be fast enough to support streaming videos. In general, if you have no problems playing youtube videos, Display.Works will stream videos. 

My videos have sound, will I hear them?

Display.Works does not have speakers built in, but it can send sound over the HDMI cable or the built in headphone jack. If your TV has built in speakers or if you have some sort of external speaker system, you will get sound.

Can I use it over WiFi?

While this is technically possible, we do not recommend it and would have a very difficult time supporting it. Using a hard wired ethernet connection eliminates a variety of techincal problems and ensures that the device itself has the bandwidth needed to stream content from the internet without competing with other wireless devices on your network.

What about IoT security issues?

The Display.Works system was designed from the ground up to be more secure than most of the IoT(Internet of Things) devices on the market. While nothing is completely bulletproof, part of your monthly fee includes automatic security updates and monitoring. These updates are applied in the background during non-business hours.

What about websites that need credentials?

We are able to do some simple automation that allows the device to get to the correct webpage with customer supplied credentials. We can emulate mouse movements and button clicks to get the correct information displayed on your screen.  

What if I don't have existing web content to display?

If we cannot help you, we can certainly point you in the right direction. To get an idea of how we can help, check out these examples

Couldn't I do this with an old laptop?

Give it a try, we'll wait..

I bet something went wrong, windows tried to update during the day, perhaps it went to sleep due to misconfiguration or maybe you've been hacked from lack of updates. We've heard the following: My IT guy can do this (they are still waiting on that), I'll get my AppleTV to do this, I have an old computer laying around, I'll hang an iPad on the wall. After much time and effort and constant tinkering, you may just get something usable. Or you could buy a dedicated machine that is designed for single mission: displaying web content on the TV of your choice. A machine that is secure, monitored and updated. We've done the tinkering for you so you can get back to business. 


No contracts. There is an upfront setup cost for the hardware and setup. After that is a monthly subscription fee that you can cancel anytime. 

What if it breaks?

Two years of hardware coverage. We will replace it. Ship us the broke unit and we will ship a replacement out to you. 

How do I get more information?

Hit the big contact us button.

 Display.works side view with mouse for reference

Display.works side view with mouse for reference

 Display.Woks top view with mouse for reference

Display.Woks top view with mouse for reference