Hosted Email

We host your email in G Suite. G Suite is a set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are. We manage setting up users, mailing groups and track emails when needed.



Block Threats with the Highest Effectiveness and Accuracy:

  • Protect your users from new and emerging threats with the most effective and accurate email security solution.
  • Stop new and sophisticated email threats such as ransomware with multi-layered detection technologies such as advanced heuristics, deep link evaluation, and cloud-based sandboxing.
  • Identify the most stealthy and persistent threats through insights from one of the world’s largest global intelligence networks, with over 175 million endpoints and 57 million attack sensors in 157 countries.
  • Get the strongest protection against spear phishing by using deep link evaluation to stop malicious links before an email is delivered and when they are clicked by users – in case they are weaponized after email delivery.


Email Encryption 

Around the globe, email is a widely accepted method for sharing information with partners and customers. However, a single email containing sensitive or confidential business information could put your entire organization at risk. Failure to protect this information can be costly: investigating a breach, settling legal issues, and paying fines from industry regulators can seriously harm your company.

Symantec™ Policy Based Encryption Advanced is an add-on to Symantec™ Email that helps automatically safeguard the security and privacy of sensitive data you exchange with customers and business partners via email. The service lets you create and enforce flexible rules in accordance with policies set in Email Data Protection. By choosing a hosted encryption solution, you can start protecting your sensitive information in days – not months – and offload the cumbersome task of managing digital certificates and encryption keys.

Policy Based Encryption Advanced assists you in:

  • Implementing regulatory compliance measures more effectively by enforcing encryption automatically based on customizable policy rules.
  • Making encryption seamless to your users with multiple encryption options than can easily be read by the recipient on most devices, including mobile.
  • Managing costs by eliminating manual workarounds for sending secure data, deploying rapidly and reducing remediation expenses.

When setting up the service, administrators have maximum flexibility in determining which encryption method is used to send to different recipients. This allows the admin to attempt more transparent delivery methods, such as attempting TLS, PGP, or S/MIME first before falling back to less transparent delivery methods such as the web based pickup portal or secure PDF. The service is fully hosted and does not require installation of appliances or software by senders or recipients – regardless of whether organizations or individuals exchanging emails with your business are Symantec customers or have their own encryption capabilities.

Symantec Policy Based Encryption Advanced Features

Current Email customers with the Email Safeguard plan or Email Data Protection already have the ability to enforce TLS connections with third party business partners and access to Policy Based Encryption Essentials, which offers a Symantec branded experience that will embed the message and any attachments into a password protected secure PDF file. Policy Based Encryption Advanced (formerly known as Policy Based Encryption E) includes these additional features:

  • PGP and S/MIME support
  • Secure PDF encryption on the attachments of the message only
  • Web-based pick-up portal
  • Sender-defined message expiry and sender recall on pick-up portal messages


Email Archive

Veritas™ Enterprise is a cloud-based archiving service that helps regulated organizations more effectively meet data governance requirements and more efficiently execute business or legal eDiscovery. Thousands of customers have used Enterprise to ensure a successful and compliant migration to a cloud based application platform such as Office 365 or Google G Suite Enterprise.

Enterprise interfaces seamlessly with Office 365, Google G-Suite Enterprise, as well as on-premises mail systems such as Exchange to ensure information is properly retained. A default retention policy can be applied to all archived information or role-based rules can apply to specific individuals so that customized retention periods can be assigned.

Enterprise leverages the native journaling capabilities of enterprise email systems to capture emails, attachments, and all message metadata then time stamps, serializes, and gives it a unique signature to ensure its authenticity. The journaling process ensures full content and recipient capture, so you always know who received what and when. Enterprise enables legal hold to be applied broadly across keyword searches and users - or to target specific legal custodians - without putting mass restrictions on large groups or domains of users that might hinder routine mailbox data management. With a legal hold in place, even if an end user deletes or modifies a message in their inbox or personal folders, the original copy remains in the journaled archive. Enterprise search and eDiscovery capabilities provide workflows to quickly scan massive amounts of data, iteratively filter out non-relevant results, then collect and organize the results by cases or legal matters. Millions of records can be searched and collated in a matter of seconds. When collection is complete the results can be made available on-line to outside legal partners. During review, role-based access controls ensure that data is properly handled so that a secure evidentiary chain of custody is always automatically maintained.