We can take over and manage your website, backups and even your phone system. We can also convert your aging on-premise systems into hybrid cloud solutions. 


Website Hosting

Create a new or convert your old website over to a Squarespace solution. Squarespace is a content manager that's easy to use. Editing and creating new pages to your site is easy or let us help you design them. Your Squarespace site is automatically spread across multiple servers and can handle unexpected traffic spikes. 



Never be without a backup. We use CrashplanPro to backup and protect your computers. Crashplan has backup clients for Mac, Linux and Windows. Backup versioning protects you from losing data when Ransomeware hits. Data stored at Crashplan's datacenter is encrypted at rest and accessible only to your business.


Hybrid Cloud

Convert that server in your broom closet to a virtual, scalable cloud instance. Worry no more about old hardware failing and taking down your business. Having your mission critical applications running in Amazon's cloud keeps you working.